Hey - It's My Demo Reel

Below is my latest demo reel which shows a wide spectrum of work from corporate executive interviews, to sports marketing, to graphic intensive pieces. Please have a look and enjoy. Music is "American West" by Sun Airway.

"Leaderboard" Behind the Scenes

Filmed on location at the lovely Grand Del Mar hotel in San Diego, we had 4 KPMG Brand Ambassadors to be featured in this latest commercial. The energy on set was frenetic and at times chaotic, but the experience for all was memorable.

Ted Chubb - Jazz Trumpeter

I was lucky enough to get introduced to the talented Ted Chubb and was asked to help with his video bio. This is a piece that Ted can send to club promoters to help book gigs. Ted lives 6 months abroad in Switzerland, and six months stateside. For this piece, I produced, shot and edited. Here's a link to visit Ted's site.

Mariah Stackhouse - "Rock The Blue"

LPGA newcomer and Stanford grad, Mariah Stackhouse has joined the "Blue for Books" program at KPMG. When someone purchases a blue hat, three books are donated to a child in need. It's truly astounding to see that some kids have no books in their homes.

Commercial BTS Edit - "Glass Ceilings"

Another behind-the-scenes piece for the other commercial. Shot in San Diego in Decemober of 2014. Here's a link to the final commercial.


KPMG Alumni - Embrace the Legacy

A series of videos I produced to help strengthen the KPMG Alumni network. Filmed at a loft space in SOHO (NYC), and released via social media channels and shown at in-person events.

Mobile Opportunity - Emerging Technology

This is one of a series of videos about emerging technology in business. This example focuses on mobile devices and how they are and aren't used in business organizations.